D’Avenza in the present and in the future | Smart luxury casualwear

We do believe there is a void and a need for a new approach in the luxury end of smart casual lifestyle

Perfect balance between past and future. Experimentation and research for new technological solutions.

A further improvement of what was already considered perfect: high quality classical fabrics (from vicuna to cashmere) blended with modern materials of highly technical content (neoprene) now represent the beating heart of our collection.

All elements of a masculine wardrobe are included, from a totally handsewn vicuna garment to a cashmere thermo fused direct injection duvet, the perfect combination of luxury and technology.

Innovation in design, excellence of the raw materials, perfection in details, modern technology.

This is the blend of our smart casual line designed for a customer who dresses in style without waiving comfort, who appreciates tradition, yet looks straight into the future. For those who believe luxury is a life style, not an exhibition.


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