60° Anniversary Vicuna Capsule

Brandamour Spa aims to bring back the right balance between the sartorial tradition and the innovation in the production of high quality fabrics. Our plan is to reintroduce the concept of Made in Italy by providing the most prestigious artisans of the Italian made to measure with the finest and richest of fabrics, in order to guarantee a unique and refined fished product. With this goal in mind, our group signed an exclusive deal with the main manufacturers/producers of one of the rarest fibers in the world: Vicuna. Therefore we’re proud to introduce our latest endeavor: Vicuna Project 60 Anniversary, targeting the high end, luxury fashion market. The collection was conceived and realized by the historic sartorial brand d’Avenza, acquired by Brandamour in 2016.

vicuna capsule


Vicuna is known since ancient times as “Princess of the Andes” because of its elegance. Its natural habitat can be found in the Upper Andes, between 3,500 and 5,000 meters above sea level, on the plateau extending through Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. It can only survive in the wild and an adult produces no more than 250 grams of raw wool in two years. For this reason, a single Vicuña coat requires the fleece of about 25/30 animals. The Vicuna Project 60 Anniversary comes from the marriage of the old craftsmanship of d’Avenza’stailors with Brandamour’shigh quality fabrics. It is an exclusive sartorial capsule collection created entirely from Pure Vicuna and designed for our most selected clientele, able to appreciate the extreme rarity of the raw material and its high value.




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