New Beginnings

Sartorial tradition meets luxury fabrics

60 years after its inception, d’Avenza will open its new doors under a new flagship.
A multifaceted textile & apparel group pushing the envelope of innovation in technical luxury.
The Luigi Botto & Ormezzano mills proudly run through the veins straight to the heart of our company. The ideal of forward thinking is woven into everything we do.
The d’Avenza Heritage stems from sartorial excellence. This heritage is only part of a larger story. The integration of luxury fabrics from our mills & unparalleled forward vision are nods to the past, whilst embracing a new vision for our future. Our new focus on technical luxury sportswear, casualwear and outerwear embodies this. Every facet of every garment, each stitch and cut is meticulouse and with purpose.
This is the re-imagination of refinement. One where the caliber of those wearing our garments could easily place ahead of the pack.
Our new steps will be located off of the rustic streets of Milano as of January 14th. And another set to open in New York city as of January 18th.
For the individual and forward thinker the intrepid and unapologetically stylish.

We welcome you to a new chapter.